Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Can't Help it

I can't stand people who are rude.
You can give me all the excuses you have,
all the logical reasons you have,
and I'll understand and believe you. :)
But one should never, NEVER be rude.
Doesn't matter to who. Even if that person is bad.
UNLESS, he/she is super rude to you first.
Than that is acceptable I guess.
But otherwise, being rude is never an option for me.
If you like it, go along with it.
If you don't, no one is forcing you so just keep quite.
Or deny it politely.
There's absolutely no need to criticize or comment.
Again, being rude, is never an option.
As for me, I appologize to whoever I might be rude to, with or without realizing it.
My deepest sorry.

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